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​​How are we different?

When compared to other 1-on-1 tutoring companies, they may have a tutor who is knowledgeable but may not take the necessary time to motivate your student FIRST! How is a child going to be willing to consistently put in the amount of work it takes to be successful in school if they are not FIRST MOTIVATED to put in the work? 

Our tutors focus FIRST on motivating our students to learn. We do this by engaging with them in a dialogue about their goals and the importance of school, in a way that is relatable and specifically tailored to their age and level of understanding. We believe wholeheartedly that all students can achieve academic excellence, but they must first be motivated. We will apply this fundamental philosophy FIRST and then our proven strategies to guide them to lifetime success. Additionally, the sooner we help set a foundation that allows a student to become more receptive to learning and applying their new knowledge, the sooner that student's parents will be able to worry less about their academic, and ultimately professional, future. Investing in your child's future with Learn to Earn Tutoring now can save you money, time, and heartache later. 

When compared to franchised tutoring companies, their prices may be similar to or even higher than ours but they tend to offer a 1-to-3 tutor-to-student ratio, which gives a student only about 33% of the tutor's attention. Our 1-on-1 tutor-student approach means that your child will receive 100% of tutoring attention, in addition to the many other benefits we provide!

Lastly, with other tutoring companies and learning centers, your child may not work with the same tutor each time. When constantly changing tutors, how is your child going to get the consistency they need to succeed in their challenging subject? Similar to retaining the same teacher throughout a school year, we recognize the importance of a child having a consistent tutor. With this as a priority, our students become comfortable with same tutor's personality and teaching style, and they are able to work together to advance the student's learning and overall success. 

1-on-1 in person tutoring for Charlotte, NC & South Florida.

We also offer tutoring online for any location! 


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Lean to Earn Tutoring provides 1-on-1 In-home or online private tutoring services including Math, Reading, Science. We also offer homework help, summer tutoring, and even have tutoring jobs for those who are excellent and experienced tutors.

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Our goal is simple:
"The more you learn, the more you earn!"

Learn to Earn Tutoring is committed to helping students fulfill their potential. We are continuously growing because we specialize in RESULTS! We do this through motivating students to learn, 1-on-1 personalized instruction, and working with the student’s classroom teachers for the most efficient learning.

If you or your loved one is struggling in class, and you need tutoring that fits into your schedule when and where you want it. Contact us ASAP! We will send a highly qualified and energetic tutor to your door or computer screen and offer tutoring for all students at any level.

Learn to Earn Tutoring's approach views tutoring in a holistic manner and not only focuses on the subject at hand, but also integrates skills to support good study habits and success. Most of all, our sessions are given 1-on-1 in order to personalize and cater to each student's needs. Students are already in groups at school, in small groups like other tutoring companies, and after school programs. Our 1-on-1 approach caters to each student's needs and gets 100% of the tutor's attention that is needed to be successful without ANY distractions, which differentiates us from the major companies, which only allot you a fraction of the tutor's attention.

Our tutors integrate organizational skills and time management strategies into tutoring in order to support overall academic success. We currently offer tutoring services in Math, Science, English, and Biology. We also help to prepare for the PSAT, SAT, ACT, Common Core, etc. We even help in guidance and support to prepare for college and help in choosing the right path for you. Learn to Earn Tutoring has tutors ready to help you.