Tutor Placement Fee  


Learn to Earn Tutoring LLC

If you have any questions, email us

Please read about our tutoring process before you sign up. When finished, we will contact you to answer any questions before you are set up with a tutor.

The process to start your tutoring sessions are as follows:

  1. Free Consultation to help us determine how we can help you.
  2. Contact Form below will be filled out by the client or over the phone by a Learn to Earn Tutoring representative.  
  3. Client will pay $30 Tutor Placement Fee over the phone or below to be set up with a highly qualified and specified tutor. All payments are made by debit or credit card ONLY. No cash will be accepted. If a tutor is not available, your Tutor Placement Fee will be refunded within 1-3 business days. 
  4. Student or Family will be contacted by the tutor for an introduction and to set up a tutoring schedule.
  5. Tutor and Client Agreement emailed and signed by client and the tutor. An online account will be created and payment for the first and all sessions MUST be paid at least 24 hrs before the start of the session. Automatic payment notifications will be sent via email or viewed in the clients online account.
  6. All sessions are backed by our customer satisfaction money back guarantee.
  7. Discounted prepayment packages are available upon request. Sample packages are located in the "Services" tab above. 

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