Registration Form 

After you click submit to register, the last step is to complete your registration for only $30.

This includes:

​     1. Finding you the right tutor that fits your needs in                 the registration form.

     2. Verifying the credentials and thoroughly checking               the background of your tutor. 

     3. Set up of your online account.

     4. Drafting the Tutor and Client agreement for you                   both to sign, to ensure all expectations on both                   sides are clear such as tardiness and making sure             an adult is always present.

*This is fully refundable if we cannot find you the right tutor.

​​​​Please watch the video before you sign up. If you have any questions, call 754-777-0393. 

All tutoring sessions are $50 per hour, all taxes and fees are included.

Discounts with the purchase of a prepayment package are available. Click the Services tab for more information.